The Big Book of Nail Diseases

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Anke Niederau
The Big Book of Nail Diseases
Cause, Podiatric diagnosis, Therapy, Prophylaxis
Verlag Neuer Merkur
ISBN 978-3-95409-049-5
252 pages
1st edition in English, based on the 3rd German edition

This book serves as a reference book for all professional podiatrists as well as for those who deal with the profession. It contributes to a better understanding of nail diseases. Numerous cases and application methods are presented and documented in detail.

Interdisciplinary cooperation with other medical groups such as doctors, alternative practitioners, orthopaedic shoe technicians, physiotherapists and nursing staff opens up new development opportunities and professional opportunities. The podiatrist occupies an indispensable position in this interdisciplinary treatment network. Through the podiatrist’s participation, the treatment duration can be shortened and a faster therapy success can be ensured.

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