Symbiosis 2. Analog and digital

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Thomas Weiler
Symbiosis 2
Analog and digital - hands-on recommendations
Verlag Neuer Merkur
ISBN 978-3-95409-035-8
184 pages, 825 images
1st edition

Do traditional craftsmanship and digital progress have to be contradicting? No! Thomas Weiler explains in his second specialist book how to create the perfect symbiosis with the combination of the analog age’s knowledge and recent technologies. There is more to designing a crown than using a mouse …

Once again the experienced workshop leader demonstrates his skills and proficiency in „Symbiosis 2“. He knows exactly what kind of useful tips and tricks his colleages need. Without taking the high ground he delivers information to the reader to reevaluate the purpose of digital innovations.


  • Analog vs. digital – A comparison of different implant-bar designs
  • A firm bite with strong teeth
  • Cost-effective Implant Restoration
  • Combination prosthesis as per Dr. Paul Weigl
  • Occlusally screw-retained implant bridge/Procera® Implant Bridge (PIB) with acrylic veneering
  • Implant-supported screw-retained zirconium crowns and bridges
  • An (almost entirely) unobtrusive total prosthesis design
  • Galvanic structures – a retrospective
  • Individual implant-supported crown in the premolar region
  • Aesthetic veneers – conventional layering method, without the CAD/CAM-technique

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